You create your own future and probably know how you want to see it. Sooner or later, every successful businessman faces the question of where it is profitable to invest. If at this stage your goal is to receive additional income, then pay attention to the ready business that we offer you. We are sure that you want to make our world better, and yourself richer. So, if you can not sit idly, do not miss your chance.

We offer
ready and profitable business

bulk cargo transshipment complex
total transshipment capacity
over 360 thousand tons per year

LLC «Megaproductservice»

History of the company

Company «Megaproductservice» was established in 2010.
2011 – warehouses were purchased in the port area of one of the largest seaport of Ukraine in Nikolaev.
2012 – the first shipment of the vessel for 1500 tons of sunflower cake was carried out for foreign partners in Turkey, which marked the beginning of forwarding activities and the increase in transshipment volumes.
2013 – merge with a corporation "Investagrokapital" and loading of vessels exclusively for its partners from countries such as India, Italy, France, Spain, Israel, etc.
2014 – the export of feeds through the transshipment base reached 10,000 tons per month.
2015-2017 – the structure of logistics and brokerage services improves, quality control of products is strengthened, the technology of delivery and storage is increased up to 15,000 tons per month.
2018 - major overhaul and pre-sale preparations were performed.
Today "Megaproductservice" - is the Ukrainian agro-industrial enterprise, which provides a range of services:
  • accumulation of ship parties in own warehouses;
  • logistics and freight forwarding services associated with the transshipment of grain and oilseeds, as well as the products of their processing (meal, cake, bran, etc.) through the port of Nikolaev;
  • transshipment of agricultural products to the vessel;
  • registration of all necessary documents for export/import of agricultural products. 

  • Infrastructure and equipment

    • administration building;
    • warehouses for a one-time storage of bulk agricultural products of more than 5000 tons (area 2400 m2, height 6 m);
    • the possibility of storing goods in the open fenced area (5800 m2);
    • automotive electronic scales up to 80 tons;
    • loading and unloading machinery;
    • gas station;
    • checkpoint;
    • water supply;
    • sewerage;
    • video surveillance;
    • autonomous power supply;
    • The territory of the complex is fully well-maintained and has a concrete covering.

    • Assortment of products that can store and transship the complex

      • all types of crops in bulk;
      • all types of oil cakes, meals, pellets, briquettes, bran in bulk;
      • building materials, incl. lumber;
      • dry minerals and rocks (coal, ore, granite, etc.);
      • all solid metals and their products;
      • machinery, equipment, spare parts;
      • chemical and mineral fertilizers;
      • liquid products in packagings, including oil products;
      • any packaged products (general cargo).

      • Benefits

        • absence of an unpredictable increase in transshipment cost;
        • free storage of your goods;
        • opportunity to set own rates to customers for transshipment;
        • long-term customer base;
        • professional staff;
        • oilseed laboratory;
        • advantageous location;
        • high degree of control over operations: o video surveillance, which gives the possibility of monitoring the entire technological process on the territory of warehouses from anywhere in the world; o automotive electronic scales of up to 80 tons, which allow you to record the weight and transmit information to anywhere in the world in electronic and video mode to management;
        • possibility of storing several types of goods simultaneously;
        • the territory allows any modernization;
        • trade on the world market, since 80% of goods are sold abroad;
        • own website.

          Ukraine is more often referred to as agrarian. It is not surprising - for a year in a row the agrarians collect record harvests of various agricultural crops, which had a positive effect on the export of domestic agricultural products. Favorable climate, large areas under crops, lack of natural disasters made the country a leader in the production and export of many types of products. At the same time, Ukraine is import-dependent, and, accordingly, the goods delivered to us must also be transhipped and stored somewhere. Buying a transshipment complex, you will expand the geography of the goods delivered by you, attract new partners, increase the flow of goods and money turnover.

          Possible options for the deal

          1. Full buyout. You pay a lump sum of 100%, and business goes completely in your control. You can buy both a legal entity and property, or only property.
          2. Leasing. You make the first payment and can use the business, making regular payments in the future until the time of full buyout.
          3. Share participation. If you are interested in business, but you want to buy only part of the business, then there is the option to become its co-owner along with other partners.
          4. Collaboration. If you have a functioning business of a related direction, we are ready to unite as an equity shareholder.
          5. Exchange. If you have movable / immovable property or a ready-made business that is comparable in scale with this object, we will be glad to consider it.
          6. Rent. If you are not ready for massive expences or you need object for one time usage, you can rent it for 7 000 $ per month.

          The reason for selling the complex - exit of the founders from the corporation

          Nikolaev region,
          Bashtanskiy district,
          v. Khristoforovka

          PRICE 310 000 $

          Справка: По данным аналитиков, практически весь насыпной сельскохозяйственный экспорт уходит из страны на морских судах (насыпью или в контейнерах) через морские порты. Мощности по перевалке зерна морских портов оцениваются в 50,9 млн тонн (с возможностью единовременного хранения на 2,2 млн), речных портов – 4,3 и 0,24 млн тонн, соответственно.

          alt +38 067 638 24 34

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          alt Этот e-mail адрес защищен от спам-ботов, для его просмотра у Вас должен быть включен Javascript

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