Imagine the future which you can choose by yourself. Imagine that you are able to realize you dreams, whatever they are, thanks to the extra income that you will earn in the business that we want to offer you. The fact is that sooner or later every successful businessman faces a question where it is profitable to invest money? If you have crop fields or you want a new business, or expand your existing business, or supplement it; You are resolute, original, able to create, create the perfect, which will lead you to greater incomes, to creating additional jobs and making our world better - this means that this purchase is for you! Therefore, if you can’t sit idly, do not think for long - invest in the development of this business. Set a goal and achieve it. Everything is possible!

We offer
ready profitable business

factory for reproducing of oilseeds
and production of vegetable oils

120 t/day

LLC «Agrolider»

History of the company formation

Infrastructure and equipment

  • administration building – 100 м2
  • warehouses for simultaneous storage of raw materials (sunflower) 500 tonnes
  • warehouses for simultaneous storage of sunflower cake 500 tonnes
  • containers for simultaneous storage of oil 360 tons
  • it's possible to buy/rent additional warehouses on the territory
  • laboratory
  • scales for 80 tons
  • Full electronic control of the whole technological process
  • warehouse for storage of goods and materials
  • repair workshop
  • welding workshop
  • lathe workshop
  • line for reprocessing of oilseeds
  • line for purification of oil
  • machinery for work
  • Gas station
  • checkpoint
  • water supply
  • sewerage
  • video monitoring
  • territory of the factory is completely landscaped and concrete covering is laid.

  • The range of products that the factory can produce includes

    • unrefined sunflower oil
    • unrefined rapeseed oil
    • unrefined soybean oil
    • unrefined corn oil
    • unrefined camelina oil
    • unrefined sesame oil
    • unrefined safflower oil
    • unrefined mustard oil
    • unrefined flax oil
    • unrefined castor oil
    • unrefined peanut oil
    • unrefined cottonseed oil
    • unrefined pumpkin oil
    • unrefined sea buckthorn oil
    • unrefined almond oil
    • unrefined hemp oil
    • unrefined cedar oil
    • unrefined walnut oil
    • unrefined hazelnut oil

    • sunflower cake
    • rapeseed cake
    • soybean cake
    • corn cake
    • camelina cake
    • sesame cake
    • safflower cake
    • mustard cake
    • flax cake
    • castor cake
    • peanut cake
    • cottonseed cake
    • pumpkin cake
    • sea buckthorn cake
    • almond cake
    • hemp cake
    • cedar cake
    • walnut cake
    • hazelnut cake

    • Advantages of factory

      • purchase of factory in installments;
      • customer base, developed over 20 years of factory work, which includes customers inside the market and abroad;
      • prepared professional team;
      • processing of raw materials with any kind of quality parameters;
      • simple and reliable equipment;
      • certificate ISO 22000:2005, which is necessary for international trade;
      • advantageous location of factory in relation to ports and farms with conducive conditions for growing of oilseeds;
      • video monitoring, which gives possibility of surveillance of whole technological process on the territory of factory from any part of the world;
      • electronic truck scales up to 80 tons, which allow to record the weight in electronic or video mode and transfer information to directorship in any other part of the world;
      • lathe production, which allows one to independently produce any kinds of details, spare parts for equipment, that gives factory the possibility to be independent from market;
      • height of the object allows any modernization;
      • trade at the international market, 80% of produced goods are sold on export.

      • Market and prospects of the factory development

        Ukraine is increasingly referred to as an agricultural country. This is not surprising - for a year in a row the agrarians are collecting record harvests of oilseeds and grain crops, which positively affected the export of domestic agricultural products. Favorable climate for growing oilseeds, large areas used for crops, traditional orientation to growing sunflower and the experience accumulated over many decades became the components of Ukraine's success in the world market, and also helped to become a leader in the production and export of sunflower oil.
        That’s why business in production of oil and cake is in demand in Ukraine, and by purchasing factory «Universalagro» You receive perspectives in this direction:
        • storage organization, purchase and drying of oilseeds
        • installation of refinery and deodorization facilities for vegetable oils;
        • feed production;
        • organization of power supply to factory using alternative sources of energy – installation of windmills, solar panels, which will significantly save energy cost and improve state of ecosystem;
        • organize your corporation for trade at international and inside markets;
        • enter the IPO.

          Possible options for the deal

          1. Full buyout. You pay a lump sum of 100%, and business goes completely in your control. You can buy both a legal entity and property, or only property. Possible installment for the year with a down payment of 30-50%.
          2. Leasing. You make the first payment and can use the business, making regular payments in the future until the time of full buyout.
          3. Share participation. If you are interested in business, but you want to buy only part of the business, then there is the option to become its co-owner along with other partners.
          4. Collaboration. If you have a functioning business of a related direction, we are ready to unite as an equity shareholder.
          5. Exchange. If you have movable / immovable property or a ready-made business that is comparable in scale with this object, we will be glad to consider it.
          6. Rent. If you are not ready for massive expences or you need object for one time usage, you can rent it for $50 000 per year (possible monthly).

          The reason for selling the complex - exit of the founders from the corporation

          Dnepropetrovsk region,
          Krivoy Rog city,
          Transportnaya st., 1

          PRICE $380 000

          alt +38 067 569 43 25

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